Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5 Online: New Summer in Los Santos

It has been months since the silent protagonist in Los Santos took part in the Diamond Casino Heist. There were rumors of a new update coming this August. With no clear confirmation, many thought it was going to be another minor update. Well, all hope is not lost! GTA Online is going to get an […]

The DeanBeat: What we’ve learned about pandemic gaming

The second-quarter earnings results from major game companies over the past two weeks have taught us more about how gamers are responding to the pandemic. The big question is whether the gains are temporary or permanent, as that will determine how much bigger the $159 billion game industry will become. We won’t know exactly for […]

Best GTA 5 mods for PC in 2020

Even a legendary game like GTA 5 can be enhanced for the player with the use of a few well-executed mods. While some mods are just for pointless hilarity, others do improve the title’s gameplay by leaps and bounds. If you’re also looking to use mods to improve your GTA 5 gaming experience but are […]