Valorant | How long does it take to defuse?

You need to play smart to win matches in Valorant. In many cases, that involves knowing how much time you have to complete objectives. This is especially true for Bomb or Spike Rush, where you’ll have to move quickly to plant or defuse the bomb. How long does it take to defuse the spike? And […]

Hallelujah! Valorant’s Deathmatch Is Finally Here

Playing Valorant is often a stressful affair. Even in Unrated matches, its 5v5 plant/defuse the bomb round structure demands maximum concentration and a fair bit of patience. It’s exactly this competitive aspect of the experience that I’ve fallen in love with over the past few months, just as I adored Counter-Strike for the same reason […]

Crusader and Shatter Aren’t Valorant’s New Agents

Riot Games Ends Rumors About Crusader and Shatter Valorant’s lead character designer Ryan ‘Morello’ Scott recently took to his official Twitter account to put rumors about new Agents coming to Valorant to rest. The rumors concern two characters known as Crusader and Shatter who have been found within the game’s files by dataminer Valorant Express, who quickly […]

Sentinels win 30Bomb: Summer Cup 2020 – Valorant

You’re watching Advertisements Sentinels has added another Valorant tournament win to its name this weekend, as it was able to finish at the top of the 30Bomb: Summer Cup 2020. In the final stretch of the competition, the team defeated TSM, 3-1, and took home the grand prize of $3,000. This follows just a week […]